Git Bash inside WebStorm

I think that the Git bash is the best bash emulation these days for Windows platform. As a Linux fan I prefer use bash and the unix tools like ls, grep, cat, vim, etc.

I’ve been using it for a long time configuring it in Console2. But recently I discover that is also possible and really easy to use it from WebStorm or other JetBrains IDE.

Using WebStorm 9 go to the Terminal preferences in “File > Settings > Tools > Terminal”
and change the Shell path to:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\sh.exe” –login -i


Enjoy 😉


13 thoughts on “Git Bash inside WebStorm

  1. While adding git bash to WebStorm using your last version path ,I get an error that it can’t open the local terminal with a message saying ‘ Couldn’t create PTY’. Can you help with this?

      1. @dynamic beige – Collin’s point is that WebStorm will use the default OS shell unless you make changes to these settings. Therefore WebStorm will default to using Bash on OS X inside their ide.

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