One year of Lunch and Learn

Since the beginning of last year, I have the pleasure of facilitating weekly tech lunches in the company I work for. We call them “Lunch and Learn” sessions, and the concept is quite simple. We gather to enjoy our lunch while watching a software conference talk and discuss the topic afterwards.

Ever since we started, the group and the interest has grown significantly amongst developers and management who is supporting the initiative.

I believe these sessions are an excellent way to start building a culture of learning in an engineering group which can lead to more practical activities like lighting talks, coding dojos, readers club, etc.

If all that sounds appealing to you my advice is to:
– Prefer talks on general topics, skills and techniques over a particular language or framework.
– Keep the format open and collaborative, everybody should be able to suggest and vote for next talks.
– Keep an eye on the sessions time, end the video if needed to have always time for the group discussion.

And lastly, sharing here the 43 talks we managed to watch during the year.

Lunch and Learn Playlist 2016